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Jobs at Certitec

Certitec has a great reputation in the industry. It's our trainers who forge this reputation and working with the right trainer is paramount to our success.

We work exclusively with Adobe, Apple and Microsoft Certified Professionals. If you stand out from the crowd as an already-qualified Certified Professional then get in touch.


To work with Certitec, you'll need to be able to take on a number of extremely challenging roles – leader, listener, problem-solver, and, above all, highly effective software trainer.


There are three primary things we look for in our software trainers: technical expertise, preparation, and attitude.


In the area of technical expertise, it is mandatory that our instructors are very knowledgeable about the products on which they are delivering training. They must love to read and must be particularly well-read on the application they are teaching. Not only must they have read the user manual from cover to cover, but also they should be involved and active in related communities and discussion boards. Contract trainers for Adobe products must pass their Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor status before teaching for us.


In the area of preparation, instructors must be thoroughly familiar with the lesson plan and outline of the class they are going to teach. They should also have a repertoire of technical notes, their own examples and insights, and any additional tips and tricks they can bring to the class.


In the area of attitude, we are looking for people who love people as much as they love technology. While some people are real technical gurus, they enjoy showing off more than they enjoy helping those who don't know as much as them. We are looking for people who really enjoy seeing that spark of understanding in others, who are patient and empathetic, and who are fun and easy to get along with.


They must also be extremely ethical, be unafraid to admit when they don't know something, and be great presenters who have poise and presence at the podium. They've got to be good at managing a classroom as well, and handling students of various skill levels.


If you wish to become part of our team, email us with your CV in Adobe PDF format.

Please note we only accept applications from individuals who are already Adobe, Apple or Microsoft Certified.



We were very pleased with all the (28) training sessions with Certitec.

Steve Thrift, Disney Corporation


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